Revolutionising Power Source through Gold Coast Solar Panels

Posted on March 10, 2014 · Posted in Solar Panels

Electricity is one of the most important elements the world truly needs in this modern generation. Being able to harness electrical power is probably the most compelling phenomenon gained by humans. We may experience electricity shortage at times. However, the fact that we are currently enjoying its benefits is indeed satisfying.

As our world evolves, power sources are also slowly diminishing. Electricity sources are becoming more expensive compared to the last decades when power generation is quiet abundant for all consumers. These include coal, nuclear, hydro power, windmill and gas plants. As a result, an alternative power source is now being recommended – affordable solar panels.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are substitute power sources wherein energy from the sun is being stored into a solar module. Attached to the solar panel is a solid state electrical device called photovoltaic cell. It converts solar radiation into direct current electricity and usable energy for homes.

One great advantage of solar panels is the discreet process of generating non-polluting electricity wherever it is. On top of that, it’s renewable and sustainable – it requires the lowest maintenance. Once the panels are installed and started, it can function to its maximum efficiency without expensive upkeep.

Moreover, solar panels are well-designed to be flexible. They can outlast abrupt climate changes in the environment.

Types of Solar Panels

Since solar panels are very sophisticated, different inventions of it has been well-improvised for reasonable advantages.

1. Polycrystalline Modules – made up from silicon offcuts and several bits of pure crystals, these modules are amongst the cheapest panels. Multiple crystals are fused together and cut into rectangular blocks to make a single cell.

Polycrystalline Modules may be less efficient compared to other modules because crystal grain boundaries can accidentally trap electrons. However, they are just as reliable. During hotter conditions, the provide a fairly good performance.

2. Monocrystalline Modules – known as the most efficient type of solar panel, its high silicon content is more expensive. With monocrystalline, you only need to install few panels on your roof. Doing so can provide your home with clean and efficient energy. Monocrystalline Modules’ performance during cooler conditions is absolutely outstanding among the rest of solar panels.

3. Amorphous Modules – made from thin film layers of amorphous silicon, they offer some unique capabilities for a variety of electronics. However, amorphous panels are less efficient compared to the crystalline group. You’ll need a great number of them to fully operate.

With Amorphous Modules, around 2.5 times more roof area is needed than monocrystalline or polycrystalline. But the good thing is, it can provide optimal efficiency even in hot weathers.

Gold Coast Solar Panels

Solar panels in our era is undeniably one of the greatest inventions in the field of power generation. It brought a huge change in our lives. People are still yet to realise the benefits of solar panel energy.

More suppliers are on their zealous journey to promote solar panels as well as encouraging consumers to use their products. Gold Coast Solar Panels can help you understand and learn more about solar panels and their advantages.