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Goldcoast Solar Panels: Fundamentals On Solar Power

Posted on June 5, 2013 ยท Posted in Solar Panels

Have you seen solar panels sitting on a rooftop? Have you ever wondered how these devices work and what these are made of? There are things you need to acquaint yourself with about solar panels. And who knows, this might make you decide to have one installed in your home and business.

A solar panel also known as solar module or photovoltaic panel (PV) is an assembly of photovoltaic cells that gets energy from the sun to generate electricity. Gold coast solar panels most often mounted on rooftops produce energy from the sun’s light and this is called renewable energy. As a single solar panel the amount of power produced is only limited. But with multiple panels, more energy is also produced. This structure with several panels is also known as photovoltaic array.

Solar panels are the key constituents in any solar power system. Once the light energy has been converted into electricity, this device can now be used for your home, business and for many industrial applications.

A solar panel is made of two materials sandwiched together, called a semiconductor. Made out of millions of atoms, these materials produce both a negative and a positive charge. Silicon, a semi-metallic element is the raw material that produces the positive/negative charged stimuli. Silicon can come in three forms: mono-crystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous silicon. The mono-crystalline is the more efficient of the three silicon base but more expensive too. Amorphous silicon on the other hand is the least efficient and least expensive. There’s a misconception that the silicon itself creates the energy. Fact is, it’s the silicon’s direct contact with the photon particles of the sun that produces the energy.

There are 2 types of solar energy panels: the flat plate collector and the concentrating collector. Both have their respective special purpose or function for supplying energy. The flat plate collector is normally used in residential setting for water and space heating, but has also been used to power lighting in homes as well. The concentrating collector is used for air conditioning, central power generation, industrial heat requirements and solar furnaces. It has been noted that concentrated solar energy is by far the cheapest way to create the largest volume of electrical power by optimizing the power of the sun. But whether they are for home or business use, these gold coast solar panels obviously can help reduce costs.

You’ll reap the following benefits when using energy panels

  • Your annual electricity bill is reduced considerably so you save a lot of money
  • You get a new income stream for your home, simply by installation
  • Your home value is increased thus it gets a high price if you decide to sell
  • You get better return on investment than your current bank deposit accounts combined
  • Carbon emissions is greatly reduced so you contribute to a cleaner environment

Gold Coast Solar Panels provides you with reliable and affordable devices. And you’ll be pleased to know that our experienced installers are highly competent they can be trusted in any type of solar panel installation. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to help you not only in getting savings but also in combating global warming.