Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Gold Coast Solar Panels:

Q:Will I be able to have power at night with home solar?

A: At daytime when the sun is at its peak, your system generates electricity. Perhaps you are only using just enough power to make your meals or watch TV. With such, additional electricity produced flows back into the grid and runs your meter backwards, earning you credits. At night, when your system is not producing electricity, the credit you earned during the day is carried over and enables electricity back from the grid. The process of net metering allows you to benefit from the day's power production.

Q: How will I know if the solar panels are working?

A: You must first have to examine the position of your home on the ground it stood and your roof. If your home is oriented towards the south, then chances are you can avail of maximum effectiveness of energy collection. If there is an overshadowing on your roof by a tree or a building, your PV panels will most likely have reduced effectiveness. In addition, the pitch of your roof is another factor to consider. From flat roofs to those tilted 60 degrees can accommodate PV panels.

More so, you have to keep your panels clean at all times to get maximum performance.

Q: How long does it take for the solar power system to be installed?

A: Normally it takes only a few days for the installation process to be completed. Nevertheless, because there is still the task of planning, configuring and doing any custom ordering for your system, then overall, that would take a few weeks.

Q: How many solar panels would I need to have an electric solar power system?

A: It depends on the following factors: your home's energy – use, available space and overall cost for the entire system, inclusive of the components and installation. We can help you determine the size suited for your needs through quotation and estimation.

Q: How long will a home solar power system last?

A: Most home solar power systems are designed to have a life span of between 25 and 35 years. You need to replace the inverter in 10 years time. With Gold Coast Solar Panels, we will handle all repairs and inverter replacements for a lifetime.